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Women Jailed in Kuwait Focus of Religious Persecution Event

Experts from Amnesty International, In Defense of Christians, and the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom will discuss religious persecution in the Middle East, including the case of Marsha Lazareva and her five-year-old son, Yvan, who have been detained in Kuwait for almost two years.

A New Ranking of Nations Where Christians Are Persecuted Most

Some old standbys, and then some surprises
The group Open Doors has released the latest iteration of its World Watch List. The ranking covers the worst 50 nations with respect to religious persecution of Christians. Most nations on the list are perennials, instantly recognized by those who follow the issue. The details vary a bit year by year, but the outcome of this tragic sport rarely changes much.

All Across Nigeria, Christians Marched Sunday to Protest Persecution

Having finished his Sunday sermon from Psalm 18 on God as a stronghold who delivers his people from their enemies, Enoch Adeboye then led them to a cemetery.
It was an ironic yet appropriate choice.
Wearing a bright green tuxedo, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lagos, Nigeria, marched three miles yesterday holding a placard that declared: “All Souls are Precious to God.”

What accounts for Western indifference to Christian persecution?

After years of Islamic State persecution, Father Nadheer Dako, of St Joseph’s Chaldean Catholic Church, in Baghdad, warns that Christians are being driven out of Iraq to live in places like Britain, Sweden or America, where life is less dangerous and the quality of life is better.